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Student VIsa

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Student Visa This visa allows visa holders to stay in Australia for up to 5 years with a valid course enrollment. With this visa, applicant can
  • Participate in an eligible course of study
  • Bring family members to Australia with you
  • Apply online in or outside Australia
  • May be eligible to work depending upon the visa condition.
How much does it cost?
As of EOFY 2019/2020 application charge is $620, please check updated charge here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary student visa holders can work 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and unlimited hours while the course is not in session.

No. You must not engage in any work before your course has commenced.

Yes, you can include Spouse and any other dependents in your visa application. You can provide marriage certificates, relationship certificates from local council, joint bank accounts, photos as your relationship evidence.

Yes, you can include more than one course in your student visa application which is called course packaging. While doing the course packaging there should be a reasonable course progression from one course to another. 

No, other family members can be added after an application is made including dependent children (other than a child born while the application is unfinalized) nor a spouse/de facto partner. However, the primary student visa applicant needs to inform the department in writing about the new family member if the application has not been decided.

The annual living cost for student visa holder is,

AUD 20,290 for primary visa holder

AUD 7,100 for Spouse or de facto partner

AUD 3,040 for a dependent child

Student Visa Benifits

It allows you to study and work in Australia throughout the duration of your course. You are entitled to work 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks) during your studies, and full-time during your school breaks. The Student Visa is the perfect solution to extend your stay in Australia after a Working Holiday Visa or a Work And Holiday Visa. Contact our experienced counsellors for more information about this process.

You can obtain an official Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree that is recognised by the Australian educational framework. An Australian qualification is internationally recognised as one of the highest standards of education in the world. This certificate may be a key component which will enable you to apply for a Work Visa, or even better – it could be your foot in the door to get sponsored by an approved Australian employer or business.

You may apply for a two-year Post-Study Work Visa once you graduate. If you study for two years at a higher education level, you will automatically be entitled* to a two-year Post-Study Work Visa. This means you will have two whole years to work full-time in an Australian company; gaining experience working in an Australian environment and if you choose to – seek sponsorship. If you would like to study a Higher Education degree, talk to us now. We can help you find a course that matches your interest and career ambitions. We will look through our wide range of college and university networks and offer you the best course to suit your needs. 

*Please, note that you won’t be eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa if your first Student Visa was lodged before November 2011.

Your family members and/or your partner can be included when lodging your student visa application. This means, if you are studying, your family may also be able to join you in Australia. For instance, if you are studying at a Master’s level, your partner can even get full work rights for the duration of your visa. If you need further information on this matter, please contact us.

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