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25/02/2019BY Dinesh Parajuli

Apply from Nepal in 2023 – Future Select Education Consultancy

If you are thinking of studying and searching Canada Visa, “Future Select Pty Ltd” is the right place. “Future Select Pvt. Ltd” has been the best Consultancy services provider from Nepal to Canada for Study for more than 20 years.

Canada is the most famous country for study, work, PR, and businesses in the future. Our consultancy is one of the best In Nepal. We help with all documentation from the beginning to future support which you need. Our service office is in Nepal and Canada both places. Canada could be a great choice for you. We are ready to help with Immigration to Canada, Permanent Residence, & Citizenship fully. Many international students have made true their dream of Studying in Canada with “Future Select Consultancy“.

Why is studying in Canada Best? – Canada visa

There are many reasons you select Canada for your future. We have given the most popular 10 reasons below. You can make your dream succeded by selecting “Future Select Education And Visa Services“, which has been popular for 20 years in providing Visa & immigration services from Nepal to Canada Visa.

Top 3 reasons to select Canada for Advanced Education.

1. Low education fees And Living Expenses.

Canada is the most popular destination for quality education where you can save a lot of money contrasted with different nations. You can live in Canada with Affordable study programs, Better quality of life at a lower cost, with a better lifestyle.

2. Easy to admission into Canadian study programs and Scholarships

Canada provides various kinds of services for education such as Admissions into Canadian study programs, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Multi Visa services, PR etc. A Canadian study permit is a document where a record included that permits you to learn at a school in Canada. If once you have been accepted to study, you can apply for Scholarships for international students of all levels undertaking study in Canada. There are governmental and Non-governmental scholarships available, and It depends on the college/university and the course/program you choose. You can choose “Future Select Pvt. Ltd” for all processes which help you better than others.

3. Job & Career Opportunities While Studying in Canada

there are so many job opportunities for Nepali students in Canada,
You can find a part-time job and earn extra money for college bills. You quickly become financially independent by finding a suitable job.
if you find various part-time jobs as well as 40 hours per week jobs.
New students who started their degree programs can work part-time, around 20 hours per week but at summer break there can work full-time (40 hours/week).