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25/05/2020BY Dinesh Parajuli

Most confusing part of Australian PR and Pathways for skilled visa:

  • Skillselect PR system starts with EOI,
  • You will be eligible for EOI if you score 65 points including all the nominations and sponsorship
Need Pr for Australia? Points confusion? Future Select is your solution.
  • Not every occupation and experience is eligible for EOI.
  • Incorrect EOI will very harmful for you because
    1. You cannot prove your point claim and visa will be refused
    2. You will lose a huge amount of money
    3. You will lose an opportunity to get Australian PR
    4. A small consultation will help you to correct this. Do you want to take risks, not worth it?
  • Sometimes you hear in the market, accounting point is 100, that is not correct. Accountant also becomes eligible if they have 65 points.
  • It’s the matter you’ll be able to compete with your fellow applicants to fill the quota.

Most important: I have seen people waste more years in temporary visa and some go back to their country because they don’t know how to calculate their points or find the possibility.

You might be good on what you doing but there is someone who is far better than you in terms of Migration facts, law, regulations and policies. The only people who can help you to answer all your questions are Registered Migration Agent. so,

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